LEED Promotional Plaques

LEED Canada Plaques

Soon after your LEED Canada certification, you will receive one complimentary LEED Plaque to identify and communicate the value of your LEED certified Green Building. 

Your LEED Plaque (also known as a LEED Halo Plaque or LEED Promotional Plaque) is made from 16" x 3/4" thick solid glass, and sandblasted with the year and level of your LEED certification. Each wall plaque includes a set of three heavy-duty aluminum standoffs for mounting. Note that your LEED Plaque must be displayed inside the certified building space, in close proximity to a copy of the LEED Canada certificate. 

Designed for beauty and durability, these glass plaques are an enduring symbol of your commitment to sustainability and green building and we hope you will display it with pride!

LEED v4 or LEED v4.1 certified projects can purchase LEED promotional plaques. To promote your LEED certified building, order LEED Canada Plaques below. 

If you are looking for an alternative design to complement your building environment, Premium LEED Plaques are available in different metals, sizes and finishes as an option. 

All LEED Plaques offered here are approved by Canada Green Building Council and US Green Building Council. To purchase your additional LEED Plaques, you will need your unique 5-digit Project Number which is supplied by CaGBC upon certification.

If you have questions about ordering your LEED Canada Plaques or other LEED promotional items contact Eclipse Awards - maker of eco-friendly plaques, trophies and awards at 1-888-294-7121 x885