16" LEED Plaque - Silver

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20.00 LBS
$95.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

16” LEED Plaques are the current standard for LEED certified buildings in Canada. Designed to attract attention, glass LEED Plaques are a prominent and enduring symbol of your commitment to sustainability and green building.

16” LEED Plaques feature ¾” thick solid glass panels with polished edges, mounted with 3 heavy duty aluminum standoffs. Each plaque is sandblast engraved with a deep etching that displays the year and level of your LEED certification. Designed for both beauty and permanence, 16” LEED Plaques are an enduring symbol of your commitment to green building and sustainability.

If you are looking for small or more economical LEED plaques to promote your project, see 12” LEED Plaques. For additional LEED plaque options visit Premium LEED Plaques.

16" LEED Plaques Include:

  • 16” (40.6mm) diameter x ¾” (19mm) thick glass panel with custom multilayer sandblast engraving

  • Set of 3 edge grip aluminum standoffs: 

    • Each 1-¼” (32mm) diameter with 3/16” (5mm) thick caps and 1-½” (38mm) standoff from the wall

  • Printed mounting template

  • Installation instructions

Note: wall screws and reinforcements are not supplied as these will vary according to your mounting surface.