If you have any questions about Green Building Awards or LEED plaques, you'll likely find the answer here. For further assistance, please contact LEED@eclipseawards.com or call 888-294-7121.


1. What information is needed order LEED plaques or LEED decals?

To order additional LEED plaques or LEED decals will require the 5-digit Project Number assigned to you by CaGBC upon your LEED certification approval. For reference, your unique Project Number is included with your initial LEED plaque. If you require assistance with your project number, please contact LEED@eclipseawards.com

Commercial LEED plaques display the year and level of certification in both English and French, no personalization is possible. The same is true for LEED Canada for Homes plaques. 

2. What is the standard lead time? 

Eclipse Awards' standard lead time is 6-8 weeks on all LEED plaque and LEED decal orders. Faster service is available, though rush charges will apply 

3. What is Green Building Awards?

Green Building Awards is a division of Eclipse Awards International Inc. Eclipse Awards is a boutique manufacturer of awards, plaques, signs and decals. Eclipse Awards was founded in 1998 and recognized as BC's Best Employer in 2012 and BC's Best Green Business in 2014. Eclipse Awards has been CaGBC's official supplier partner since 2007.

4. How do you pack your shipments?

All shipments originating from Green Building Awards/Eclipse Awards use biodegradable packing, or packaging that has been reused and repurposed from other shipments. 

5. What are Eclipse Awards' environmental commitments?

We consider the environmental impacts and durability of all the materials we use and the services we offer. Green Building Awards is bullfrog powered by 100% green energy, green gas and green hydro. We have also been Climate Smart Certified 6 times and we are carbon neutral via offsets from Brinkman Climate. All LEED plaques and LEED decals produced by Eclipse Awards are carbon neutral and will not add to your carbon footprint.