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A Tale of Two Tribes...

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A Tale of Two Tribes...

... Since humans first started to gather in groups and live together for safety and a better life, I believe that we have used recognition to strengthen and empower one another... http://goo.gl/VpKwDq

Green Building Expo in Vancouver

... The LEED Certification program has been a textbook example of accelerating change through recognition. We move communities forward by celebrating the things that we value, and CaGBC has shown us exactly how it’s done in the green... (read more http://goo.gl/jJqIf7)

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National Zero Waste Council

Eclipse Awards has been selected as one of eight Canadian companies feature in the National Zero Waste Council's inaugural Design Portfolio.  The portfolio is a national showcase, highlighting products made using lifecycle thinking and zero waste design principles as key elements of manufacturing... (more http://goo.gl/GlMTV3)

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